Have you heard? The new trend for 2014? It’s Ice-lollies that resemble cocks! Absolutely fab, forget the twisters, feast your eyes on the cocksicle, deliciously tempting, heterosexually friendly and you can even give it to yo kids, no shit!

The tip is actually filled with space rock, that stuff that crackles in yo head! Is actually in thee tip of this strange thang! But I must say it taste pretty good and I wouldn’t pass up another suck on this piece of art! I am not sure what it is called because I got so wrapped up in its shape I didn’t even check! I will update with the name tomorrow after a brain charge!

*Wall’s X-Pop Lolly with a sherbet filled bellend


The great chestnut hunt

In England it is common that one buys chestnuts every year around Christmas, whether it be the roaster in the street or a pick from Tesco.

It turns out its not so common here in good old Sweden, that’s right, they have less chestnut roasters then they have Starbucks.

We googled it and to our surprise it showed results, one leading to Lisberg and there vast array of food stalls. Well we went to Lisberg only to find that there there chestnut roaster no longer camped there.

They had everything from malted wine to bread and butter, pretty damn good bread and butter I must add. But no roasted chestnuts. Daniela has never tried roasted chestnuts before so she was eager to taste these precious little gems.

So after all the disappointment at Lisberg we planned to hunt the sacred chestnuts another time.

Today we went to pick up some parcels from postage depot in our local area and decided to run in to ICA (our local shop) to buy some baby food. And as its said you find the best things when your not looking.
Right at the entrance we discover the chestnuts for 39krona per kg, quite pricey, but not enough to put of this chestnut hunter.

So we stuck em in the oven for 25minutes and I eagerly awaited what Daniela had to say, well it was a win she loved them, and of course now we have our dealer more shall come for Christmas.