Not A Lot

Ok so my life is pretty boring and for that reason only I shouldn’t have a blog as this just highlights how boring my life really is. Sure maybe it’s good to have a blog during your boring life just so If your life suddenly gets interesting then you will see this awesome transition all wrapped nicely in your little boring blog.

So as my life is so boring here is another boring blog post highlighting my boring life, enjoy.

So today has been a slow and boring day, not a lot has really happened, a few tantrums, and some other stuff, to be honest I can’t for the life of me remember much from today as if I’ve been in a coma, but I haven’t. Anyway what I do remember is finishing of some honey glazed ribs with potato salad and garlic bread.

We finished this faithful day with some not-so-bloody Blood Orange, I crave a proper blood orange but haven’t yet found it. Oh save me Lord.

Tomorrow we shall play in the snow like true gods.

Good night.