You scream I scream…

Today is a Thursday which is the final day of daycare until Tuesday and today instead of picking the little mite up we had his gran do it instead and take him far far away into the city. He was gone so long we have barely seen him today, it’s good and bad I suppose!

Sloth & gluttony have been my deadly sins today, after finishing the Sopranos box set I have a empty space that needs filling and I tried to get back into justified but that sucked so decided to watch the new AMC show Turned, which was actually quite refreshing but after 2 episodes I decided to play xbox for like 10mins and then I watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time.

Now I’m really fricking tired and just writing this is putting me into a state of mental vegetation, Oliver went to sleep pretty fast within 5 minutes, which is pretty good for the hyper kid he is! Watched more tv blah blah blah, and had ice cream…

Good night!


Happy Easter

Om Nom Nom Nom… Nom!

Oh yes it’s that time of year again were you spread the love… Chocolate love. Deliciously scrumptious brown curvaceous bodied chocolate eggs, you could just buy a bar of chocolate for a fraction of the price and get the same taste but that would not be the same because it’s Easter and you must have an egg, makes sense!

Anyway little piggy Oliver loved his first chocolate rabbit egg from Thorntons, but before you get on your high horse he didn’t eat it all it was just for his lunch he had the rest for dinner!!!

Thanks uncle Jesus
Love Oliver! x


Hissy fit

Kids really are like little mental patients, one moment there happy and playing and the next they are complete monsters, kicking, wailing, scratching you and even biting and nothing you say makes a shred of difference, you might as speak to a wall cause that’s what it feels like sometimes. Today Oliver came home from daycare in the best of moods and was a model child until suddenly he flips the hell out like you just stole his entire toy collection and starts throwing himself on the Floor and having a full blown tantrum! I seriously do not get these little people and I really don’t know what to do with him when he reacts like that. I usually just ignore the tantrum as interacting at point just seems to fuel it all the more, electric collar next I think!


Worms anybody?

So today we take the little munchkin to the playground to have play around with the sand and stuff, he loves it! Running around like a mad kid, playing with the swings and seesaw. All was going well until he wondered over to the “sandbox” in the corner of the play area, the sandbox sand is really fine unlike the rest of the playground and we never let him play with it because cats love to shit and piss in it like it’s there personal fucking toilet. I don’t want to be the bad guy so I let him walk around it for a while and while we were joking about it been a poop box Oliver goes and picks up this thing covered in sand and boom, it’s cat shit, jeez Louise this is my worst nightmare, I don’t want my kid touching cat shit or any shit for that matter.

So I got him wiping his poopy fingers on the grass and we went straight home, now I have learnt my lesson, them fucking sandbox’s are off limits, there oversized litter boxes!! Why the hell they even make these in public playgrounds is beyond me, cat shit and most likely fucking worms galore!!!


Smoothies for everyone!

Daddy smoothie, mummy smoothie and baby smoothie!

A mouth watering berry mix smoothie!

How you can’t get enough of those smoothies, simple but delicious, creamy, sweet & sour smoothie, a lustful red, oh smoothie!

It’s something I would happily drink by the gallon, well until I’m vomiting from my nose that is! That groovy smoothie, great for the kids too, and much more natural then that processed poison they push out on the supermarket shelfs for your beloved little munchkins.