The magical mutha f*ckin Sånd

I just recently discovered this little play thing which is called Sånd, it’s basically real sand mixed with polymer that gives it this ability to stick to its self almost like its wet and it makes it easier to shape it and create less mess and if your willing to dish a few more dollars they will give you a desktop sandbox too which Is pretty neat and a nice build quality too!

The main purpose of this is so our 2 year old can play with sand indoors without it getting loose all over the house and sticking to everything, it’s minimum age to use is 5 but with supervision it is a great little kit. I bought it from for $40 and that gives you 1kg of Sånd and a sandbox.

Shipping with usps cost me approximately $25. If your wondering about that Scandinavian letter (å) it’s because it’s actually a Swedish invention. It’s great stuff and is great for adults and kids, I can imagine its a nice little stress reliever too for the the office desk! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and have fun it’s great.