Put me to sleep

So Swedish summer has finally warmed up enough for us to get over the cold and snow packed winter. Temperatures has high as 28c have come over Göteborg these past 2 days. Must say its a nice change to the dark days we had to endure. I’m sat here currently on sofa watching Eurovision, I’ve just devoured a chilli sprinkled cornetto ice cream and swigged away on a corona and the Eurovision is still a load of shite, after 10 more beers it may be negotiable.

Well tomorrow shall be a full 7 days smoke free, do I feel good about myself or what! Seriously hate smoking and as it goes I’m not such a big fan of alcohol anymore although that could be due to the psych meds.

And speaking of which I’m gradually tapering my doses on the meds too! I’m sick of the weight gain, if I don’t get of them now ill end up looking like a white nutty professor. Well I suppose after having a baby your aloud to put a bit of weight on but when you can’t use a standard swing at a park and the toilet creeks with every movement I guess that is time to say “enough is enough”. And I’ve been shitting pinecones these past few weeks, even after bowls of fibres.

Well I’m tired now, sure hope its bed time soon but got to wait until we find out who wins the Eurovision zzzzz.