Is it safe to come out yet?

Tomorrow will be one week since we moved away from Pennygången 48! The week has gone extremely fast, too fast to really grasp much of the chaos that has submerged me! Luckily enough it has been a nice semi hot weekend.

Yesterday we finally managed to get the BBQ started and grilled some deliciousness, Fingers crossed were not all on the verge of poisoning because that would be tragic now wouldn’t it. We or I blew Oliver’s new kiddy pool which he absolutely loved! Just need a jackpot win and a tropical holiday or the mother in-law back at work. Time to catch up with Corrie and gain an extra roll of flab, good night!

Sunny penny lane!

So these summer days keep coming and going, not much different then England. On the 1st of July we shall all be moving to Lerum, a small town on the outskirts of Gothenburg. It’s surrounding by a 3 mile nature reserve with a Forrest in our backyard and lake Aspen only a short distance away. Can’t wait to get away from this concrete jungle we call Pennygången, absolute dump full of weirdos and chavs!

It’s a new start , time to get healthy and hug some trees. But best of all, it’s a nice place for Oliver to grow up, and that’s all that matters. Counting the days I can assure you!