A great Swedish mushroom hunt

I am lucky, lucky to live not within a city but within nature, surrounded by stunning lakes and beautiful winding roads flowing deep through these Scandinavian forests.

Within these forests there is a whole array of life, the most simplistic things in life we take for granted, if we just open our eyes and embrace the beauty then maybe we can find that inner peace behind the hustle and bustle of modern day.

I myself am guilty of such ignorance, even worse as it is in my back garden and the fact I see it often I am blinded to it’s beauty, but on these days I am awakened, I see it and I am able to appreciate what this world has to offer behind all it’s gimmicks!

I am lucky to be able to embrace this emotion and I shall try to enjoy her with all my worth, for the cost of sanity and happiness and as for one day when I shall lay on my death bed I can be at rest that I have connected with such a marvellous creation, Earth!


Southern ice tea

One of my new resolutions was to blog more, 16 days later and here is my first post. I’ve been living in Sweden now for 680 days today, what a journey it’s been! But I won’t lie, it hasn’t been an easy feat and the cold dark days don’t help.

But the good news is I’ve started of my new year with some homemade southern ice tea to keep me going. For years I’ve scoured shops to find bottled lemon iced tea and I’ve only ever manager to find it in the summer and it’s always quite expensive for such a small bottle. Now we just make it at home, it’s cheap and tastes almost the same as Lipton’s lemon ice tea… Delicious!


Is it safe to come out yet?

Tomorrow will be one week since we moved away from Pennygången 48! The week has gone extremely fast, too fast to really grasp much of the chaos that has submerged me! Luckily enough it has been a nice semi hot weekend.

Yesterday we finally managed to get the BBQ started and grilled some deliciousness, Fingers crossed were not all on the verge of poisoning because that would be tragic now wouldn’t it. We or I blew Oliver’s new kiddy pool which he absolutely loved! Just need a jackpot win and a tropical holiday or the mother in-law back at work. Time to catch up with Corrie and gain an extra roll of flab, good night!

Never ending road!

So we finally escaped the grips of Penny lane and are now living in the serene lands of Lerum. We no longer have to fear the disturbed people of Högsbo, thank The Lord! As with any move it takes time to adapt and become acquainted with its newness, for me this takes some time.

Today is time to reflect on the past week and try and gain some energy from all the anxieties of what a move brings.
After a botched attempt to get a BBQ started I think we shall settle for already prepared ribs and then later on sleep 0_o

How’s Twix?

So today was was Sweden’s national day and here at Pennygången an event was held for this bank holiday. It was an event mainly for the kids with a mechanical bull and bouncy castle, and a small buffet. I actually decided not to participate but my fiancé took Oliver and I was sent a photo via whatsapp of Oliver holding a goodie bag containing a Twix, and your probably thinking no big deal but I haven’t eaten a Twix since moving here.

I’ve actually avoided buying English chocolate bars due to the fact that the prices here are ridiculous so that is likely to ruin any pleasure it may give. But this was a freebie and damn it was mighty fine! Nomz!!!