“Baby it’s cold outside”

It’s pretty clear to me now that winter is here,
It may not be a bad one yet but it’s still really frickin cold.

Today I just can’t seem to get warm, although lounging on the sofa is not a good way to warm up I’m giving it a good go.

I’m tired, bored, hungry, cold, anxious, bored and tired. I just want to get up but when I get up I just want to lay back down, I want to eat but that would mean getting up so its a vicious circle today. It’s dark, wet and cold, and the hunger games are not helping.


Since I started typing this I have eaten yesterday’s left overs and now I’m ingesting some Xmas treats from yesterday box and a cup of PG Tips.

Soon we shall enter the world so goodbye for now…


And he shall return!

Today the ups man finally returned with my phone and I was hoping that Apple Jews were going to give me a new phone but they didn’t instead they just repaired it, boo! But it’s nice to get the 5 back, the iPad mini is bit comfortable to is use as you would use an iPhone!

It’s a hot day and I just ain’t feeling it, I can’t wait for bedtime! Anyway Oliver chilling with some raisins and pepper pig! He loves it!!


Is it safe yet?

Aaaaand it’s over! Thank god for that! Easter sucks ass, it really is a overrated piece of baloney! But then again no different to Xmas but hey we still got Jewish new year!

It’s been a pretty long day today consisting of walking, train & bus, more walking, climbing stairs, un-serviced elevator rides with a real risk of decapitation, and a unearthly feeling of a Muslim take over! A severe headache with an aneurysm in the making and a not so appealing dinner!

Tomorrow though shall be my day of redemption, with The Sopranos finale and time to kick my feet up! Now it’s time to close my eyes and count some flaming sheep while enduring an annoying cough and sinus sniffling noise from my counterpart with no restraint, god help me!

Oh Lordy

Ohhh M G’sssss what a day! Tired and grumpy toddler that refuses to sleep and freezing cold weather combined is
not my idea of a good day. But still it melts my moody exterior to see Olly running free through the snow and the joy on his face is priceless.

But only 1 more day to get through until… Post day, when were expecting a boat load of goodies to come flooding into our grips. Fun!