Stressed out Fridays!!!

It has been a stressful day to say the least, a trip to Lerum central to hand in forms and see the optician, that included a shitty walk and a hopeless train journey into what might as well be the abyss.

And also I’m suddenly developing elevator anxiety, I watched a video recently on the tinternet and was shocked to find a China man been squashed in-between floors after the elevator suddenly elevated. Unfortunately he didn’t survive and it is now haunting me, I did a little run in and out and luckily survived the day, they’re hard to avoid with a pram, you can’t just put buggy on your back and climb a few flights, not today anyway!!!

I ended up finishing this stressful day with the new video game “The Evil Within” not a stressful game at all .

Say goodnight to Twisty the clown!!!!