Nicoticket – Custard’s Last Stand

I was browsing around a few forums looking for recommendations for a good ejuice vendor that I haven’t tried before. I found thread about a company called Nicoticket, now I hadn’t heard of this company so I did a bit of googling and found a few reviews on so I decided to make an order for there top selling juices. I ordered there infamous Betelgeuse, Gravity and limited time only Or3o.

Kindly Nicoticket’s Clark added a 15ml sample of his Custards Last Stand for me, now even though I love custard I have avoided custard flavoured juice just for the reason I have heard of bad chemical aftertastes so I have steered clear of them. But Nicoticket’s Custards Last Stand has really surpassed its self. The first thing I did was pop the cap off and took a long slow intimate smell, the smell of creamy vanilla was breathtaking, forget vaping it I could have taken it straight down the throat it smelt that good.

I decided to let it steep for a few days just to air any bad flavours out, I filled this bad boy in a Kanger Protank with a 2.2ohm coil and fired it up on my vamo at 3.4v took a nice and steady draw and boom, the taste hit me, it was custard, I seriously did not expect to taste custard ejuice as authentic as this. The intake was just refreshingly superb, it was a smooth and creamy on the intake and a burst of vanilla on the exhale, I didn’t pick any egg up like some people claim but it was just like real custard. On the inhale I got this exact cream coated vanilla taste that you get only from custard, that first taste, spot on!

If you love custard then this is a no brainer, now I can’t compare to other custard ejuice’s but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with Nicoticket’s Custard’s Last Stand. All day vape you ask? At the moment yes!

Taste – 4/5

Throat Hit – 3/5

Vapour Production – 4/5

Service – 5/5

Shipment speed 5/5

PG/VG 50/50

URL: Nicoticket – Custards Last Stand



That gooey goodness yo! – Parkes Vapes


Gooey butter cake is a type of cake traditionally made in the American Midwest city of St. Louis. Gooey butter cake is a flat and dense cake made with wheat cake flour, butter, sugar, and eggs, typically near an inch tall, and dusted with powdered sugar. While sweet and rich, it is somewhat firm, and is able to be cut into pieces similarly to a brownie. Gooey butter cake is generally served as a type of coffee cake and not as a formal dessert cake. There are two distinct variants of the gooey butter: a bakers’ gooey butter and a cream cheese and commercial yellow cake mix variant. It is believed to have originated in the 1930s.

So after a few months vaping we have collected quite a few e-juices and there all stashed in a vape tray in our kitchen cupboard, some great, some ok, and some damn right nasty. But I decided to have a scour through and rediscovered Parkes Vaping Gooey Goodness Cake.

After a brief 2 months of steeping I stuck it in my protank and fired it up and damn diggidy this was goood. Not what I remembered from the first time trying, it was 10x better so it really shows that steeping is extremely important when it comes to ejuice. Now I haven’t ever tried a real life gooey cake so I can’t compare to the real thing. The juice has a buttery creamy taste to it, as if straight out of the oven this juice is delicious leaving a lovely bakery smell behind me. It’s sweet but not too sweet, I really hate juices that are too sweet that it overpowers the rest of the flavours but this one is so smooth and the sweetness blends right in, It is probably the best juice I have tried from Parkes Vaping so far.

Parkes Vaping customer service

Just one thing I would like to add is that on my previous batch from Parkes the juice was incredibly perfume scented and tasted so, I decided to let them steep for 2 months but nothing changed so I came to the conclusion it was a bad batch for what ever reason I was told it may have been the summer heat in transit that caused this. I contacted Mary at Parkes and she with no fuss gave me store credit for a new order which was a great plus to there customer service.

Taste – 4/5
Throat Hit – 2/5 (Likely due to high VG)
Service – 4/5
Vapour Production – 4/5
Shipment speed 2/5

PG/VG 30/70
URL: Parkes Vaping – Gooey Goodness Cake


Vape life

So now 14days has passed since moving to Lerum. Things are calming slightly and with an upcoming Robbie Williams take the crown concert coming up its starting to get real! The weather has been fair so lets hope it keeps it up for Saturday!

We have recently started our new recreational hobby of vaping. After my fiancĂ© decided she wanted to quit the cigs I started looking into e-cigs and F me, I couldn’t believe this new world I stumbled upon. At first I was just looking into e-cigs that look exactly like a genuine cig, but then I discovered a world of PV’s (Personal Vaporizers). They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, we are currently using the ego twist which is basically a battery with variable voltage setting and a thread to attach a tank which is filled with a “juice” and heated up via the battery and creates a vapour which is inhaled by the user to deliver nicotine in a safer manner than smoking.

The juice comes in a whole array of nicotine strengths and delicious flavours which I will be hoping to start reviewing on here very soon! It’s fun, it tastes great and there is no odor. There is a whole world of flavours out there and I’m on a mission to sample as many as possible!

It’s a great recreational hobby and is harmless to the environment and people around us, it is not known to trigger cancer like cigarette smoke and is predicted to save tons of people from cancers across the globe!

I’m glad I found it so check it out!