Christmas Day – Day 2 – Part 2

This will be a quick post, as I’m typing this my eye balls are sticking and it’s rather uncomfortable. So basically here is a quick run down of my Xmas day part 2.

As we was sick we didn’t eat Xmas dinner on the Swedish Xmas day so instead we had Xmas dinner on the English Xmas day, the usual 25th for most other countries. Now it was rather stressed and we forgot or left out certain things from the dish but all in all it came out rather delicious.

Not a lot to add really, it’s been a good Xmas but shadowed with bad luck due to the sicknesses, and it’s still ongoing. But from today Xmas is over for me.

Now it’s time to sleep, or at least try.



Christmas Day – Day 1- Part 1

Christmas Day has finally landed, and what madness it has been. Xmas is stressful, how can anyone say it’s not? Anyway it’s for the kids, if it wasn’t for Oliver I would most likely choose to celebrate on the low down with nothing but a tin of chicken soup and her majesty’s speech.

Even though today was a success, I unfortunately woke up feeling sick still but Oliver was up and about like nothing, so that’s was obviously God’s work today. My throat is still hurting and that horrible sick sensation down my nasal passages lives on.

Due to the clear indicators of poor health today we postponed Xmas dinner and instead ate some pasta meal, in which I was actually relieved as my throat hurts and I wouldn’t have enjoyed a good dinner feeling like this.

As my title states this is only part one, Xmas is not over my friend. The turkey is yet to be cooked, we having one more day for you Jesus! Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

I hope.


It’s Christmas Eve… In Sweden!

It’s here again, yet another Xmas to witness and one spare casket without my name on it. This is now my 3rd Swedish Xmas away from old Blighty and of course how can I not miss England’s Xmas cheers with the humble Queen Elizabeth the seconds little face on my TV set, oh Britain.

But here I am about to embrace another wild Swedish Xmas here in the land of IKEA and, meatballs, mmm those delicious meatballs. The tree is still standing surprisingly as kids and trees (fake trees in this instance) don’t go hand in hand. All the presents are wrapped by my elf assistant, ready to be opened tomorrow, the Swedish Xmas day but Xmas eve for Britain and a whole ton of other ordinary boring countries that aren’t good enough to celebrate on the 24th, humbugs in my rather extremely comfortable bed, and I mean that in the most heterosexual way you could ever imagine.

Unfortunately today we have had an intruder, this specific intruder has intruded too many times before but this time he has really taken the biscuit, the common cold, you bastardo, why now? It’s Xmas you evil Mexican bull baiting son of a bitch. Fevers galore in here today, my throat feels like it’s witnessed Krueger grip.

We received another box today from my Father, if you are reading this thank you for that and merry Xmas to you!!

Anyway that Abba espresso is wearing off, it’s time to sleep, Santa’s coming soon… Night night.


The great chestnut hunt

In England it is common that one buys chestnuts every year around Christmas, whether it be the roaster in the street or a pick from Tesco.

It turns out its not so common here in good old Sweden, that’s right, they have less chestnut roasters then they have Starbucks.

We googled it and to our surprise it showed results, one leading to Lisberg and there vast array of food stalls. Well we went to Lisberg only to find that there there chestnut roaster no longer camped there.

They had everything from malted wine to bread and butter, pretty damn good bread and butter I must add. But no roasted chestnuts. Daniela has never tried roasted chestnuts before so she was eager to taste these precious little gems.

So after all the disappointment at Lisberg we planned to hunt the sacred chestnuts another time.

Today we went to pick up some parcels from postage depot in our local area and decided to run in to ICA (our local shop) to buy some baby food. And as its said you find the best things when your not looking.
Right at the entrance we discover the chestnuts for 39krona per kg, quite pricey, but not enough to put of this chestnut hunter.

So we stuck em in the oven for 25minutes and I eagerly awaited what Daniela had to say, well it was a win she loved them, and of course now we have our dealer more shall come for Christmas.

So this is Christmas?

There is 28 days left until Christmas, the decorations are appearing, the tree is on its way and a cupboard full of glögg (mulled wine) is going down a treat.

Christmas day is celebrated on the 24th here in Sweden instead of the 25th like the USA and Great Britain. They eat ham instead of turkey and a whole smörgåsbord of food.

Over the years Christmas had lost its feeling for me, a breakup in the family disrupted our usual traditions which could be the reason, or it could be a case of growing up and losing the magic you feel as a kid.

Now I have my own child I’m sure that should bring back that Christmas spirit, the glögg seems to be helping too, it warms the limbs!
People are starting to whisper about gifts and plans are been set.

Lisberg is one of Gothenburg’s main attractions, in the summer its a fun park but in November it is transformed into a winter wonderland with around 5 million Christmas lights on show, food stalls and open fires, it’s a great place to get you in the xmas mood.

Christmas sure is different when your in other countries than your own, the food, traditions and just the feeling is stranger than usual. This is going to be my first swedish christmas, hopefully it’s going to be a good one, I don’t think Abba will make it to Xmas dinner this year though.