Cancer sticks and lollipops

At age 13 I started smoking, pretty much just out of curiosity and the urge to experiment, and everyone one else was doing it to so why not. At age 16 I quit smoking completely.

I moved here to Sweden on 08/03/12 and since then I’ve been a smoker. I blame the stress of moving to a new country and been in a vulnerable state of mind that kind of encouraged this habit.

My partner smokes too and of course that also influenced me to smoke. 1 year on I’ve decided to knock it on the head. My son is more important and I don’t want him growing up seeing me smoking or dying from cancer. What sort of example would I be setting?

Well I’ve decided to go cold turkey, this is what I’ve done in the past, it’s the best way to do it and the achievement is greater then getting hooked on a substitute which will only bring its own set of problems. And Jesus, they taste and smell disgusting and I don’t want to put clean clothes on and kill that fresh smell.

I grew up with both parents non smokers and of course that’s how they expect me to be. My parents don’t currently know that I do smoke but if they did I think they would be happy to hear I’m kicking the addiction for good!

Kicking it is not easy, I’m already falling into an emotional pit, physical withdrawal it starting to peak it’s ugly head, and I’m feeling extra snappy too, lovely!

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