Gothenburg: A City To Love

6 months ago I came to Gothenburg with my eyes shut, I had never been to Sweden and truthfully I was not ready and moving to a place you have never been is a daunting experience that would rattle the nerves of the most solid person. I came here for my fiancée (Göteborg been her hometown) and my son who was born on the 28/02, I had read only good things but not enough to make me feel any more optimistic about the situation.

All my life I have travelled, my father been a man who can not settle in one place I had to endure moving from house to house and country to country then eventually I myself moved to Thailand for a period of time after I finished high school, there is no questioning why I’ve been unable to settle in one place, but I promised myself that before I move out of England again I will finish my college education and make sure I have work in the country I’m planing to migrate, but as we all know life does not work as we want and sometimes you need to change your plans unexpectedly and make sacrifices, that’s life!

Now I’m not saying I have regretted my time here, it is a life experience and been given a son the most precious gift a man can receive I will happily look back with a smile, but of course it hasn’t been easy as with any move, it is hard starting a family and been submerged in a new language can have a major impact on ones mental health. Im gradually adapting to my life in Göteborg and slowly starting to appreciate what a beautiful city this is.

So my struggle in Sweden is far from over but at least I’m now starting to admire it for the beauty it holds.






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