Sunday chilling

It was a lovely windy day here in Hull today so we decided to go out and visit the Maritime museum for the millionth time, it’s actually a pretty cool museum though so no dramas there. 

Here’s Olly sailing a ship like a pro but, psst! It’s not a real ship, thank god or it would be titanic all over again ahem! 

Here is a pretty cool Narwhal skeleton hanging from the ceiling, the unicorn of the ocean, beautiful, when it’s alive of course, not dead, I prefer breathing things, no emo. (Nothing against Emo’s though ahem)

Some weird ivory arty shit, pretty cool, I’m digging it. But nothing cool about killing stuff to make art that ain’t cool, nope. 

Here is a whole casing of Narwhal horns and artsy bone art, yeah again nothing cool about killing animals for art or display but still cool to be able see this shit, lets face it, it’s not like I’m going to get a pet Narwhal anyday soon.

Pretty cool headshot of the huge whale skeleton they got, pretty amazing that we have creatures this big lurking in our oceans. 

Some show off making all these awesome knots and putting them on display, I can barely tie a shoe lace, what a pro, pat on the back to you, you awesome knot tying master person. 

Having a little peek outta da window at the old Queen Vic and the newly laid paving, ah and the blue skies, so blue and lovely. 

Eric the polar bear and his skeleton friend just saying hej! God damn those poachers,  beautiful animal. 

Leaving the Maritime museum now, here’s Olly saying bye bye to his sweetheart Rosetta, ah young love at it’s best. 

At this point we went to Primark, I won’t comment on this as I would rather forget this segment of the day, terrible place, just terrible. 

Now we head over to the newly refurbished Ferens Art gallery, don’t know who these two people are though blocking my shot, cheeky. 

A pretty nice pile of stones, quite impressive, a lot of effort and time went into this art piece, absolute genius, just wow!

No photos beyond this point but I sneaked one anyway (thug life). Olly looking for mummy, naked, normal ha!

Just admiring the view of this amazing building, they’re probably not impressed though, not easily impressed. 

After all that art and history we decided to go into the second worst place in Hull after Primark, McDonald’s, to takeaway some cheeseburgers and ice cream, only I had ice cream though (thug life). As you can see Olly falling asleep grinning, that burger must be amazeballs. 

Final pic heading home, I just had to take a photo of this lovely view, just kidding, looks like crap, not blind, no offence to blind people. 

The end!

Happy days! 

Cat allergies – Day 3

From a very young age I was stricken with a terrible allergy which nobody could figure out, I was developing terrible symptoms such as wheezing, swollen eyes, sneezing, a terrible scratchy throat and the rest. We changed so many things in my diet, the clothes detergents, nothing helped! We was baffled, turns out I was allergic to my grandparents cat named Lucky (not so lucky for me). 
So all my life I’ve cringed at the sight of a cat rubbing it’s lovely soft fur against my legs in the summer, the thought would turn me run a mile. The truth is I’ve always wanted a cat and the fact I was allergic made me want one all the more. 

This past month we suddenly got an urge to get a cat, out of the blue, over the years I’ve heard about these so-called hypoallergenic cats, now I’ve been sceptical, as far as I knew the allergy causing proteins live in all cat breeds and spread through their saliva and dander so I thought maybe it was a big lie created by irresponsible breeders to make more bucks, maybe not. 

I’ve heard about Bengals not being officially hypoallergenic (due to lack of research) but lots of cat allergy sufferers claiming they were. Now not only is the Bengal potentially hypoallergenic but they also look pretty nice with their beautiful rosetted fur coats. We took the plunge on a 75% Bengal we named Sandy, thinking that would be enough Bengel DNA to be hypoallergenic, we was wrong, we kept her for 2 weeks, my allergies got so bad I was unable to breath at night due to my asthma, I’ve only suffered from asthma once before in my life and that was when I was 18 due to a mouldy damp house. 

So we were force to give Sandy away, we were devastated, so we decided to give up on the idea of having a cat altogether. We decided we were going to buy a reptile instead due to the guarantee of no allergic reaction, we went to the pet shop on a Wednesday afternoon only to find it was shut due to a family emergency. After coming back home with a disappointed little boy we decided to look into a purebred Bengal, we knew the risk would be high still that I could be allergic but we took the plunge anyway on our new little Bengal kitten Luna. 

3 days on I’ve yet to experience any allergies, I’m trying not to jynx it but could this truly be a hypoallergenic cat? Time will tell, I will keep this blog updated with my progress. 

Pound shop finds

Some pretty sick justice league Pez dispensers, presenting Batman and superman. When I saw these I just had to.    


Mickey the budgie eyeing up Superman waiting for a moment to swipe it. 


Oliver seemed quite pleased with his Saturday treat and naturally he picks Batman, he has good taste like his papa. 


I found this pretty cool plate with what appears to be a storm trooper print, love it, it’s for the kid of course. 


Last but not least, this epic retro iPhone plugin telephone thing, it plugs straight into the headset port on your device and now with these unlimited minutes packages on your phone plan you can use it to your hearts content. 



 And just a random scruffy Budgie shot 🙂


Millie’s cookies take two.

As previously stated in a previous blog post I’m a sucker for cookies, Millie’s cookies especially, but, they are back stabbing no-gooders, they have not only shrunken the cookies but they have also kept the same price, more money for less cookie, not my ideal cookie plan.

So, I’ve taken it among myself to make my own and push those delicious mouth watering Millie’s cookies out of my life for good and replace with the “Ryan’s no back stabbing traditional cookies limited”.

Any way, below I present my second take of my super delicious and ultra cool mouthwatering cookies… Mmm…